Thursday, April 19, 2012

Neapolitan Easter Dresses {Cheyenne}

Ready for round 2 of Neapolitan Easter Dresses?
I'd say that this one is my favorite, but they all match the girls' style so much that it would be like picking a favorite kid, right?
What can I say about this sweet, strawberry-blond, curly, freckled, Fashonista?
This girl loves clothes.  And she has her own sense of style.
She picks out her own outfits and most of the time they are trendier than what I would have put together for her.
Needless to say, her dress had to be just right.
So when I started a skirt for her that didn't make her eyes sparkle with excitement, I scratched it and moved on to this little number. 
Another thing to be said for Chey, she has NO patience for taking pictures.
As you can see from this next picture...

Come on!  Snap the picture so I can go twirl in my new dress!
 I pulled out the Accessories shirt that was her big sister's last year, and made a sweet "corsage" out of a couple of dollar store daisies I had on hand and some tulle.  It buttons right onto the shirt, so it is easy to remove if my wild-child happens to spill strawberry milk down her white shirt...
Can you guess what I made the slip from?
Curtains!  Ha!
My mom gave me some white curtains that had never been used.
It was so easy! I just used the casing that was already there for the curtain rods.
And the skirt wasn't hard either.  In fact, this was the easiest of the 4 dresses.
If you are interested in a tutorial, let me know.  I will whip the Diva up another skirt.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Neapolitan Easter Dresses {Cassidy}

I know I'm a little late, but I promise these are worth the wait.
We're starting with the littlest because her's was the first dress I made.
It was also used for her birthday party, so you may have seen it a little in the party posts. 
I wanted a Neapolitan stripe feel in the skirt.
I made the dress (and all of the other girls' dresses, too) completely from scratch.
Truth is, I'm a little bit put off by patterns.
I attempted one once and had nothing but problems.
It's on my list of many fears to conquer...stay tuned.
I wanted a Neapolitan stripe feel in the skirt.
A large sash (sorry about the not-stellar picture) pulls the sweet dress together and helps to cover more of her sides.
I LOVE this picture.  So sweet.  And a bit of a tradition with us.  Always have to get a picture of the girls smelling the tulips at Temple Square.  We missed it last year because of the crazy amounts of rain we were getting.  
So this is the first one of Cassy smelling the flowers.
Oh, and the other point of this picture was to show you the bow I made for her hair.
It was so crazy windy that day.  Warm, but windy.  Total killer to the cute hair-dos!
I can't believe my baby is THREE!  How did that happen???

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Teacher Appreciation {A Person's a Person}

I got an email over the weekend, asking me to decorate my daughter's Kindergarten teacher's classroom door for Teacher Appreciation Week.  The catch was, they wanted me to do it Monday morning or afternoon.  My weekend was packed, so I spent Monday putting together a fun door cover.
The classroom is decorated in elephants, so I wanted to use them some way.
Then it came to me.  Horton Hears a Who!
What better for the wonderful person who took care of the the littlest ones for the year? 
I used my Silhouette to cut out the lettering, using the Doctor Soos Bold font. 
I sketched out Horton by looking at a picture from the book.
I added some packing paper to the ears and trunk to make it 3D.
Seeing as it would be touched by dozens of kids all week, I wanted to use something that would hold it together better than Elmers, so I used hot glue...And burnt the crap out of my finger!
That's what I get for rushing when using hot, sticky substances.
I wanted to add some red bushes around his feet, but ran out of time.
All in all, though, I am pretty happy with how it turned out.
I hope Mrs. Schurter loves it as much as we love her!

So what are you doing for Teacher Appreciation this year?
You can go here to see all of my Teacher Appreciation ideas.