Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lucky Number Three

Okay, this one was definitely the easiest to put together, but SO not the easiest to photograph.

What do you do when you are trying to photograph a grumpy 19 month old?
                    You plead...............................then you finally give in!

You help her finish taking her cute new dress off...
...and reward her for her "cooperation"

Now, any ideas what this rash is that is taking over her cute little face?

P.S.  I had been planning to make these dresses, but, as usual, I was being a procrastinator.  This cute dress gave me the final bit of motivation to get them done!

2 Down 2 to Go

Just in the nick of time, I finished another dress for Halloween.   I wanted Dakota to be able to wear her's to school today, so I stayed up late last night and finished it off.
Don't tell Cheyenne, but I think I like this one better than her's!

Yep!  I have the Cutest Kids EVER!
P.S.  She has another loose tooth!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Down on Grandpa's Farm

If  you haven't heard of Trendy Treehouse, you should go check them out!  They have a great blog.  And every Tuesday they do a photo contest they call Shutter Love.  Since I am constantly taking pictures of the cutest kids in the world, I decided it was finally time to enter.
This week's theme is Collages.
Mine is Titled "Down on Grandpa's Farm"
Go check it out!  While you are over there, feel free to vote for me!


Monday, October 25, 2010

For the Love of CANDY CORN!

With four little girls and Halloween falling on a Sunday this year, I was itching to make something adorable for them to wear that wasn't too Halloween-y, I don't think they should be wearing witches and monsters to church, but still fun and festive.

I must admit, I HATE to eat candy corn.  I think it is nasty stuff.  But it is so adorable for decorating and crafting.
So, I put my love of Candy Corn to work, and came up with this:
First of all, I know that her face is hideously blotched green.
We were having a family party and she had just finished eating a Halloween candy necklace that my mom gave her.  I tried to get her to let me wash it off, but that would have meant a screaming child instead of a sticky child.  So I went with sticky!

I only used fabric and ribbon that I had on hand.
 I'm a little obsessed with raw edges right now.
It is so much easier than finishing it off cute!
The bottom was my mom's adorable idea.
I had just the ruffle and thought it needed something but couldn't figure out what.

Now I just have to do 3 more!
Not to mention:
  • Finish the Halloween wreath I started 3 weeks ago
  • Finish my mom's birthday present
  • Come up with something to make for my soon to be 14 year old sister in law
  • Make a hat to go with the baby's costume
  • Prepare for a trip up the canyon this weekend with the in-laws
Do the laundry that I have been putting off for WAY too long!

I should really get to work!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Just wanted to take a minute and wish you all...

and to share what we did today.

We went to my hubby's grandparent's house and picked pumpkins.

                                      I love the green ones!  
                        Kota's has serious character! 
 This is the inside of a huge weeping willow in the back yard.
Pretty cool!
Chasing horses 
 Climbing Gates
 Making fake pouty faces
 Cozying up to Grandpa Great

 Gettin' in to Grandma Great's apple stash
And hitting home runs.
Can you see the ball there in front of Cheyenne?
Kota already has more talent in sports than I ever had!

Yeah.  It was a good day!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pretty Pink Pixie

Last night my amazingly crafty sister and sister-in-law came over to do some girly stuff.  We started out making some homemade chicken noodle soup.  YUM!  Then we worked on Halloween costumes for their daughters.  And while we were doing that, guess what my awesome husband was making...candied almonds.  I don't think you could get much better when it comes to a Sunday night!

My sister's daughter is being an adorable pink pixie.

Last weekend we went to Hobby Lobby to get the tulle and ribbon for the costume.
Let's just say that the selection was next to nothing more than a little picked over.
We wanted the tulle to be glittery, but they only had plain pink.
So we got creative
We took some fabric friendly glitter and some clear coat
Clear coat!
While my sister, Rebecca, sprayed, I sprinkled.
We also added some more glitter to the wings.

When the clear coat dried,
we added this cute bow
 because you can never have too much glitter!

And for her hair
a matching bow.
Kaitlyn is going to be the prettiest pixie ever!

And what did my sis-in-law work on?
Well, it all started with this headband:
My niece found these at the Halloween costume store
and decided she HAD to be a  bumble bee.
So, crafty Lindsay got to work...

So how do these
This shirt (sometimes blogger makes me want to pull my hair out!  Why won't it leave my pictures in the right direction???)
Some wings she bought years ago, covered in yellow and black flannel
And some black tulle

Become the Queen Bee?

Good question.
She looked for some black and yellow striped fabric.
No luck.  Not even black and white striped.
So she took some white fabric with black polka dots, and some yellow dye.
Turned out adorable.

So the costume isn't quite done yet, but I can't wait to seen the finished product!

Entertain Exchange