Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baby Girl Turns One!

This is my sweet baby girl, Cassidy.
She turned one on Saturday.
Her grandma gave her this cute dress and matching big that said,
I made all the decor, and the bow, to match the dress and bib.

Nothing is upcycled here.
But I can use it in her scrapbook,
so it serves dual purposes.

Like the St. Patrick's Day banner, this one is made with old cereal boxes.

This little "Chandelier" will hang above her crib from now on.
The banner will go on the wall in her room.
I love the idea of decorations that are used more than once!

Making Cupcakes

We used gel food coloring to make different colors.

The batter

The final product!
I love it!

And apparently Cassy did, too!

Her party was a huge hit!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fun New Discovery

Okay, so what does my  baby turning one have to do with a fun new discovery?  After three other "first birthdays" this is certainly nothing new.  The fun new discovery isn't that she is turning new.  It is that can make adorable pictures into amazing, creative announcements.
How, you ask?
I found, through one of the blogs I follow (can't remember which one.  Sorry!) a great website:
Okay, but you can do this with photoshop, right?
The great thing about picnik is:

Go check it out!   It is so much fun!  
Here it is, almost 2 in the morning and I can't drag myself away from the computer!

Here are some more that I made:

This one is for my sis-in-law.
Congrats on your growing family!

Now go check it out and make some for yourself!
I'd love to see what you come up with!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

I didn't get any pictures of the making of, but here is what I made:

 St. Patty's Banner

I used some old cardboard cereal boxes to make the banner a little sturdier.

This little baby is made from all new parts, but it is reusable, so I thought it was worth the splurge.
What I used to make a set (all found at the Home Depot):
1 piece of "seconds" wood, cut off two squares for base
2 mounting plates
2 small table legs (like for coffee tables)
2 wooden knobs
1 can of white spray paint

That's it!  It was so helped that my awesome hubby was there to hold my hand at Home Depot, listen to my ideas and help me find the supplies...then he pretty much did all the work to put them together.  But it looked pretty easy!  And I was going to do it, but he just went to town and got them done before I knew it!

Anyway, now I have some neat little hangers that I can use for any banner or sign for any season or theme!  And I think the whole project cost less than $10.

Goin' Green

The idea is to save a little green while going green and still getting to craft like crazy!  So, here goes...