Saturday, June 5, 2010

Got a Minute? #1

Welcome to the first edition of Got a Minute?

I'm excited for this new segment because I love to come up with crafts that only take a few minutes.  With four little girls, it is easier to do little projects that I can squeeze into my few free moments during the day.

For the first project, I made something that has saved me a few minutes (and a few headaches) because I no longer have to try to remember whose turn it is to do the things that my girls are always fighting over.

I call it:
My Turn!

It was so easy and it really only took me a few minutes to put together!

I used:
Scrapbook paper
Scrapbook sticker letters
Chipboard flowers

I chose 4 categories that my 4 girls are always fighting over:

I cut out four graduating sized circles in coordinating scrapbook paper.  Split the circles into 4. On the green circle I put each of the girls names.  On the larger dotted paper I put the four categories.  I decorated it with a title, lined up the circles, and pushed the brad through the middle.  To hang it, I glued a piece of chipboard to a magnet.

Each morning I turn the name circle so that the girls know what they get a turn at that day.  They love it!  And I don't have to listen to, "It's my turn!" anymore!  Yay!

See ya next week!
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  1. Brilliant and so easy too! Anything that reduces the conflict deserves cudos.

  2. What a great idea!!! I should make one of these!