Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ice Cream Parlor {Decorations}

Whew!  It's been almost a week since Cassy's second party & I still feel like I am re-cooperating.  That may be because we all caught a stomach bug early this week.  NOT FUN!

Anyway, let's get on to something fun to talk about, shall we?
How about sweet Neapolitan party decor?
Remember I mentioned that I got a new toy just in time to plan Cassy's party?
It was a Silhouette!
I am in HEAVEN!
I can't say enough good about it. I will say that it is SOOO much easier to use than my old Cricut.
And so much more versatile!
I was able to use the fonts right off my computer, so the fonts in the banner match the fonts on the invitations.
For an OCD type like me, this is critical!
I whipped this baby out in no time.
The hardest part was stringing it on the tulle.
For the first party, at my mom's, I hung a Neapolitan pom from her chandelier.
For the second party, at my house, it sat on the patio table.  I think I liked it better on the table.  But, alas, I didn't get a picture of it.
I made this fun GIANT cone out of another Neapolitan tissue paper pom.  I added a glittery 3 as the cherry on top.  I cut out the cone with my Silhouette.
I stuck the cone in the top of this plant holder which doubled as a present stand for the party.
For the backdrop, I first attempted spray painting a giant roll of paper that I had lying around.  The paper tore like crazy and was kind of brittle.  I wanted something that would hold up to being moved from place to place,  so I spray painted a piece of white fabric.  I wish it was a little wider, but I can live with it!
I used part of it for the canopy of the ice cream stand.
(The cute little ice cream cones on the left of this picture were Cassy's present from us at the first party.)
My absolute FAVORITE piece of decor was this frame.
I used an old window frame, spray painted with a soft pink, and backed with some Mason's wire.
I used all my favorite pictures from Cassy's birthdays thus far.
The pictures are held on with mini clothes pinned that I spray painted...I went through a lot of spray paint for this party!
The C & 3 are tied on with brown tulle.
Now that the parties are over, this little gem will be hung on the girls' bedroom wall.  I plan to switch the pictures out for each season/holiday.

Okay, if you made it this far, you deserve a shot of the cute birthday girl.
Isn't she sweeter than ice cream???
Oh, I could eat her up!
I'll show you more of the dress when I get 3 more done.  This one is doubling as an Easter dress.

Come back tomorrow to see the food and favors!

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