Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Advent- Day 4: Take a picture of your favorite lights at Temple Square

Day 3 is still in the works. But for now, I hope you will enjoy some beautiful lights with us!
Of course the girls' favorites were the pink ones!  Good thing there were lots!
 This picture takes my breath away!
 This one is pretty cool, too.
 Our family just loves girls.  Nate's parents have 6 grandkids.  They are all girls!
This is my Chey, my niece Tabitha, and my baby Cassy.
Yes, we love pink!
 The pink trees were everywhere.
 I love the flag and the temple in one picture.
 This is my favorite nativity.  
If you have never been to the lights at Temple Square in Salt Lake,
you are missing out!
This nativity is sitting the middle of a beautiful reflecting pool and is surrounded by hundreds of floating lights.
 I love the message that the shepherds share with us each Christmas.
Heavenly Father sees and cares for each of us.
Rich or poor, we are all special in His eyes.

 We have been going to the lights every year with my in-laws since the year we got married.
We have been snowed on, we've even been there in a blizzard.
But this is the first year it rained on us.
I prefer the snow!

 How cute is this nativity???
 I hope you are all having a wonderful Holiday Season!
And that we can all have the true meaning of Christmas in our hearts and on our minds.
Merry Christmas!

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