Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Advent- Day 6: Make Paper Snowflakes

Remember making paper snowflakes when you were a kid?

Were yours always squares or rectangles?

Did you always wonder how to make them look like a real snowflake?

I did!

Then I found some fun tutorials online.  It is so easy!

1.  Cut your paper into a square.
2.  Fold into a triangle (opposite corners to each other)
3.  Fold into another triangle
4.  Fold short side of triangle to the opposite side, making sure bottom still comes to a point.
5.  Cut off tail.
6.  Cut your design into the folds
7.  Unfold and enjoy!
*I had the girls draw their designs on them and then cut it for them because it was too thick for them to do on their own.

As you can probably guess, Cassy did not do this one.
I did it for her.  But she is sure proud of it!

I think that Chey's is my favorite.  It just goes to prove that even scribbles are art!
Charly's reminds me of  Christmas trees

If you don't want the mess of all the little scraps,
So much fun!

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