Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Candy Land Birthday Party {giant lollipops}

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Candy Land Party {giant lollipops}
Did you get entered into the giveaway?  Good!
Now let move on to the rest of the Candy Land Party, shall we?
Today, I want to share with you my very favorite decorations.
Candy Land Party {giant lollipops}
These are so simple to make.  I ended up making about 20 suckers.
1.  Collect your supplies
*Styrofoam plates
*Foam Brush
*Small paint brush
*Stencil (I used a flower cutout that comes with the Silhouette, making sure to cut it larger than my plate)
*Scoring tool
*Wooden Dowels
* Ribbon
2.  Use your scoring tool to mark you candy swirl shape on your plate
3.  Use the small paint brush to paint along your scored lines
Now is a good time to take a little beverage break ;)
4.  Fill in with the foam brush
5.  Hot glue dowel to the back of the plate
I covered some of the "suckers" with cellophane and tied it with some curling ribbon

Now step back and admire your simple simply ADORABLE party decorations!
Go get some Styrofoam plates, enter the giveaway, and meet me back here tomorrow for some more Candy Land fun!

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  1. What a clever idea!! Those 'suckers' turned out so cute!!