Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

I didn't get any pictures of the making of, but here is what I made:

 St. Patty's Banner

I used some old cardboard cereal boxes to make the banner a little sturdier.

This little baby is made from all new parts, but it is reusable, so I thought it was worth the splurge.
What I used to make a set (all found at the Home Depot):
1 piece of "seconds" wood, cut off two squares for base
2 mounting plates
2 small table legs (like for coffee tables)
2 wooden knobs
1 can of white spray paint

That's it!  It was so helped that my awesome hubby was there to hold my hand at Home Depot, listen to my ideas and help me find the supplies...then he pretty much did all the work to put them together.  But it looked pretty easy!  And I was going to do it, but he just went to town and got them done before I knew it!

Anyway, now I have some neat little hangers that I can use for any banner or sign for any season or theme!  And I think the whole project cost less than $10.

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