Monday, March 7, 2011

Tips & Tricks: Crayon Yuck!

These fun shaped crayons seem to be everywhere these days.
My kids had a bunch of broken crayons
so I decided to make some fun hearts for the girls and their cousins for Valentine's Day.
They turned out great...
except for a couple of things.
1.  The Twistable crayons don't seem to melt at the same temp. that regular crayons do, so don't try to mix the two.
2.  No one ever mentions what a mess this makes of your silicone mold!

I tried wiping out the greasy mess with a paper towel.  Nothin'.
Then I tried washing it in hot soapy water.  Nothin'.
Then I ran it through the dishwasher.  Somethin'!...
More mess! It made a chalky covering over the crayon mess.
So there my mold sat, next to my kitchen sink, a gross reminder that I was failing to find a cure!

Then the other day, I was removing the label from the vitamin bottle for the Childproof Bank.
I needed to get the sticky off, so I went upstairs and got the Goo Gone Spray Gel.
As I was walking down the stairs, I read the bottle.
"Removes Sticky, Gummy, Greasy, Gooey Problems
Masking Tape, Crayon, Stickers/labels, Makeup, Candle Wax, Gum, Glue, Tar/Bugs/Sap, Carpet Stains, Grease/Soot"
*Mental slap to the forehead!*
Of Course!
So I gave the mold a healthy spray down with Goo Gone
Let it sit for a few minutes
Then just wipe down with a dry clean cloth
Once you have it all wiped out, wash it with soapy water to remove the Goo Gone residue.
And good as new!
Well, almost
The purple stained the silicone a bit, but it's better than the mess I was left with before!
Hope this tip was helpful!


  1. That is genius! I made some too for my kids and washed the silicone, but it was still a mess.. I figured it was just left them! But Im so glad I can clean them now!!! I had tried the dishwasher too! LOL Got the same white waxy mess too. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your discovery! I have one silicone mold that I haven't been able to reuse because of the crayon residue... since learned that candy molds work much better. But now I can finally get my silicone mold back in working order. Thanks!

  3. I love me some Goo Gone!! So glad it worked for your molds. Ps - I just saw on the news that the chalky residue from the dishwasher is because they've removed the phosphates...adding a Tbsp or so of lemon or lime juice is suppose to help! Thanks for linking to the Tuesday To Do party!
    Hope to see you next week!

  4. You are so RIGHT!!

    I made heart crayons for Valentine's and then I just made Lego crayons for a b-day party. Both times when I washed the mold in the dishwasher it made the grossest chalky mess. The Lego mold is still on my counter!

    Thanks for sharing. So timely!

  5. I've been struggling with this same problem! Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. You are a genius! I have this exact same mold in my drawer full of crayon residue.

    So Cute! I would love if you would link this project up to my weekly linky party Upcycled Awesome!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing I would have never though if that. Time to get to work cleaning mine now.

  8. Love this idea! We made heart crayons for my son to give his class at his Valentine party! I too have crayon caked on molds! Thanks for the cleaning tip! :)

  9. Goo Gone & Goof Off are to staples in my house! I use them on everything yucky!

  10. Lovely blog! I am your newest follower and hope you visit me as well!

  11. That incredibal... mentaly hiting my forhead too! I have a pile of just for crayon molds.. I will be happy to get them back! Thanks for sharing!

  12. those are so cute and great tips! Thanks for linking up.

  13. Good idea! I love Goo Gone - it works like a dream.

  14. I made those crayons for Valentines day. Same mold and everything. I tried everything except the goo gone. I found the Comet worked but it is still a major chore. Thank you so much.

  15. Thank you! My kids scribbled crayon all over a white erase board... I have been trying to figure out the best way to remove it... I'm going to try this!

  16. Very cool! Can't tell you how many silicone molds I have ruined.... This is very helpful!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  17. WD-40 will remove crayon too! Don't ask me how I know this! LOL - Karen

  18. Thank you I have been looking every were for this answer. I'll have to go home and try. Thanks again

  19. was wondering how to clean my crayon lego men molds forever lol i just used the same color in each hole every time lol. but now i know i can clean them.

  20. Did you feel like you could use them for food again?

  21. Go-ahead guys you are really accomplishing a great job. Best of luck! mold remediation certification