Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rainbow Party {activities}

 I'm back, as promised, with the activities from Charly's Rainbow Party.
As I said, we did 7 activities.  One for each color of the rainbow.
But I couldn't just leave it at that.
No.  I had to make a little poem for the kids to read to take us from activity to activity.
So, here we go!
Each station was labeled with the color and activity.
I used fabric, paper, whatever I had in my stash to bring as much of that color's activity into the area.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink.
We'll get the fun started in just a blink.
On the red table is a creative task.
Grab some glitter and glue and decorate a mask.

Rainbow Activities {decorate a mask}

Orange comes next in the rainbow, it's true
An orange box is up next for you, too.
Find the orange box and open it up.
Our next bit of fun is a little dress up.
Rainbow Activities {dress up}

Yellow is the color of the sun
And for you it means some ring-toss fun.
Out on the patio you will go
To practice your ring-toss throw.
Rainbow Activities {ring toss}

 Across the green grass we will go
to crawl, jump, hop, and even throw.
To start the race, find the giant green arrow.

To reach the finish line, follow the rainbow.

Rainbow Activities {obstacle course}
 {There were 7 parts to the obstacle course:
1.  tip toe through the red flowers
2.  weave through the orange cones
3.  leap through the yellow "sun" (hoola hoop)
4.  crab walk through the green grass
5.  run under the "blue sky" (tarp)
6.  toss the purple eggs into the basket
7.  hop over the pink finish line

We've worn ourselves out with our little race
So let's slow things down with a change of pace.
Grab a drink and a snack, then take a seat.
Charly will open presents and we'll have a little treat.

Rainbow Activities {presents & food}

 A rainbow of colors to adorn our nails
is what fills this little pail
So head on over to the purple flower
To paint your nails and get some girl power!
Rainbow Activities {manicures & goodie bags}

At the end of this rainbow is a great big explosion
Don't worry, it won't hurt you though it may cause some confusion.
So grab a bag and meet by the pink wall
For a down pour of candy, you'll bring home quite a haul!
Rainbow Activities {candy cannon}
If you have never experienced a candy cannon you are missing out!
It literally BLASTS candy across the yard.
They have become a tradition in our family on most holidays that the weather permits.
(I'm guessing brown slush covered smarties aren't the best ;)

I hope you enjoyed Charly's party and found a little inspiration for your child's magical day!
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. What a great idea! I'm definitely putting that in the "save" category.