Monday, October 17, 2011

Got a Minute? Felt Flower

What do you do when you daughter reminds you that she has a birthday party in 2 hours, your bank account is flashing a big fat $0.00, and you have absolutely nothing on hand?  First you go into panic mode.  Then your sweet, unassuming 5 year old tells you, "It's okay, Mommy.  We can just whip her up a pretty dress real quick." After you laugh hysterically at her sweet innocence (let's just say I'm not the quickest sewer in the world), you decide that you could whip up a quick hair pretty!
 For those of you reading this that know my kids.  Yes, I am aware that this isn't the 5 year old.  Charly felt more like chasing imaginary bugs around the yard directing the photo shoot than actually being in front of the camera.

I just eye balled it and cut out 3 sizes of petals from felt.  I hot glued them to a felt circle with a clip. And glued a flower rhinestone to the middle.
 We added some glitter to give it a little more character.
 Speaking of character, look at that pose!
I love how it turned out so much that I have plans to make a whole rainbow of felt flowers for the girls!  Can't wait!


  1. That is so cute i love that you added glitter to it too, nice touch!
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  2. This is so cute! I love the glitter! I would love for you to share with Blog Stalking Thursday at

  3. Cute. Putting the rhinestones in the center is a nice twist.