Friday, October 7, 2011

Tangled Party

All right folks.  This is it.  The piece-de-resistance.  The grand finale.  The whole Shebang!
 If you missed the post about the banner and flower balloons, go here.
 And if you're dying to know about the birthday girl's outfit, go here.
Oh, and P.S., I like the outfit a lot better with the leggings!

And now onto the fun and food!

 To entertain the kids while we finished with the food (thanks Mom!  You're the best!),
I made a giant Rapunzel braid from yarn (remember the leftovers in the banner?) for the kids to play tug-o-war with.
This thing was a labor of love, I tell ya!
 Note to self (and anyone else braving this project) #1:  DO NOT enlist the help of your 4 year old, 2 year old, and two cats to make a mile long (slightly exaggerated for the dramatic) braid.  Talk about TANGLED!  Geez!
 Next up was a pretty funny activity, if I do say so myself.
Another great quote from the movie was my inspiration.
They are about to fling Flynn over a wall.
 My sister-in-law (same one from the balloon flowers) built this catapult for a school project last year.
She let me use it to "Fling Flynn"
 The kids each got an egg with their name on it
 And shot it at the target where Maximus was waiting.
(If you haven't seen the don't get this.  Max is waiting on the wall for Flynn.  Got it?)
 The winner got a candy bar for being such a sure shot.
 Note to self #2:  DO NOT make red punch for birthdays!  What was I thinking???
Which leads me to the part you have all been waiting for...
Drum Roll, Please!.......

 Let's EAT!
 Spaghetti (again with the red...)
 In case you are wondering, no these are not homemade.  I went with Rhode's rolls.  Always a sure bet!
 The cursed red punch!
 And my personal favorite...
 Caramel Apple suckers served in a frying pan!
Of course, the caramel apple suckers are in honor Maximus and his love of apples.

Our last activity was to make lanterns.
We just used white paper bags and decorated them up real pretty.
Here's all the kids with their lanterns, giving me their best "smolder".
I forgot to mention earlier that the starting activity was to "Add a few new pictures to my gallery."
That' why there is sidewalk chalk on the wall behind them.
The Birthday Girl's Lantern
In the movie, the lanterns fly, so of course we had to see if ours could!
 If you made it this far (sorry about the long post) you have made it to the crowning glory of any Birthday party...with a little spin.
 I got the idea for the donut tower in lieu of a cake here.
 The birthday girl was awestruck by it. 
 And her little sister was caught trying to snatch a donut hole!
 Chey blew out all four candles (with a little help)
 devoured a whole donut...or maybe two or three
 opened some presents
 and had a moment of pure joy over her new stuffed puppy. 
 Then we said goodbye to all our friends and loved ones with a battery operated tea light for their lanterns (because what's a lantern without some light), and a peanut butter caramel apple with a little note
Sorry there are no pictures of the apples.  I wasn't feeling up to it by that point in the party.
Maybe I'll show you how to make them when I am feeling a little better.
Chey was tickled pink with this party...or maybe that's just the red punch mustache!


  1. Awww what a fun party. Your photos are so sweet, and that doughnut tower is too darn cute!!

    My lil' guy is 13 now, I can't believe it, lol.

  2. Wow!! That is an amazing birthday party. I really can't decide which part I liked best, flinging Flynn, or the uh-maz-ing tower. Both were just pure creative genius!!! Plus all the other fun touches. I'm just bummed I don't have another birthday party to throw until next summer. I want to go out and plan and do this one!!!!

  3. Hey thanks for stopping by! This party is soo cute! I love tangled!


  4. What a cuuute party!! Looks like so much fun! :)