Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dino Shirt

This cute guy turned One this month.
(Doesn't my family make cute babies?)
Anywho, Someone this cute deserves something just as cute, don't you think?

Kamron's nick name is Kam Man (Duh!)
I got this shirt at Target for $3.50
I cut the dinosaur out on the Cricut
I used some vinyl of a particularly bright yellow that I would never use elsewhere
I printed the font off of picnik.com and then traced it onto the vinyl with a hobby knife
Placed the vinyl on the shirt and used some old paints I just had hangin' around
I forgot to take a picture, but the tail wraps around to the back of the shirt

He liked it so much, he tried to put it on right then and there
I just love having all these little people to make things for!

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