Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wrapping Paper...or Not!!!

Anyone noticed the severe lack of FUN, wrapping paper that comes in BULK lately?
I got a little tired of paying the BIG BUCKS for enough paper to wrap one present, only to discover that EVERYONE ELSE bought THE SAME PAPER!  What happened to originality???

Alright, I'm done ranting...I PROMISE!
Okay, what to do with little money and lots of creativity?
Brown Lunch Bag + Scrapbook Paper + Ribbon = UNIQUE gift bag for Kam Man
Did you notice that the bag matches his shirt?
I have to brag about my oh-so-crafty 5 year old for a sec.
I was putting the ribbon through the holes, thinking I would just tie the bag up.
Dakota says, "Mom, is that to make a handle?"
Uh, DUH!  Why didn't I think of that???
I say, "It is now.  Thanks for the idea, Bear!"

And so, we made this one for Bug

We also made a cute can that doubled for the wrapping for another 1st birthday baby.
Sadly, I have misplaced the picture of the actual gift.
And I forgot to take pictures of the can, so this is as good as it gets:

See the can with the tissue paper coming out the top?
I covered an old can in scrapbook paper and used some scrapbook letters to spell out her name.
Kaitlyn's mommy is my sister.  I think she loved the can as much as the gift inside!


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  4. Those are cute! So simple, but such a clever idea!
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  5. Love it!

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  6. I love the idea of your blog and these bags are so cute. It's amazing what we can do with what we have when we put our minds to it.

    I look forward to reading more!


  7. What a great idea!! And, I love that the kids can do it/help! Visiting from somewhat simple!

  8. I'm Kaitlyn's mommy and I DO love the can as much as the gift. We've used it in her room to hold her hair pretties. And I love that her name's on it.

  9. Thanks for linking to the PRETTY PACKAGES PARTY and sharing these great ideas!

  10. I really like the personalization on your gifts. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Cherry Kay

  11. I've used cans and coffee tins and formula buckets too. I spray adhesive it. I agree that even a 13 yr. old is truly intrigued at the gift container if you love on it a little. tfs.